About Conference

T he International Conference on Magnetic Materials and Applications (ICMAGMA - 2018), is being jointly organized by the National Institute of Science Education and Research (NISER), Bhubaneswar and the Magnetics Society of India (MSI) during 9-13 December, 2018 at NISER, Bhubaneswar, INDIA. The objective of the conference is to provide an ideal platform for all those pursuing careers in magnetism, magnetic materials and applications to come together, discuss, disseminate and assess the recent developments in the area of magnetism. In this endeavour, the MSI has been fulfilling its mandate to spread awareness among the young researchers, professors, scientists and technologists on the advancements in magnetism. In the recent past, the Society has been conducting National / International Conferences as an annual event, by joining hands with academic institutes.


A primary objective of the Institute is to train and nurture human resources in the Sciences for the knowledge economies of the future. This is in line with a general shift in geo-political thinking that requires a remedy for sites of knowledge production centred in the west. Such a strategic shift in perspective has been necessitated by the realization that the unique circumstances of our nation demand unique scientific and pedagogic responses. Consequently, we are called upon to question and account for conventional narratives that stake claims to categorizations of science, technology, environment, learning, innovation, design and being. The predominant discourse that seeks to structure these superficially hard categories is predicated on justifications that till date have not moved beyond regimes of hierarchy, control and access. These strictures are an inherent feature of ā€œInstitutionalized Scienceā€ where Newtonian principles of organizing domains of cognition and mechanisms of representation constrain debates on what new conceptualizations of science ought to be like. More problematically this stifles the potential for interdisciplinarity just when everybody talks its language. This means we continue to think in and with strait jacketed binaries such as natural / artificial or being /thing and perhaps most dangerously science / everything else. The founding of this Institute is rooted in the understanding that the contexts we inhabit are dynamic and in flux, while we have not begun to think in terms of solutions to most of these problems we realize that they exist and that we need to quickly participate in the process of finding out some answers.

NISER recognizes that modern scientific research is carried out in interstices amongst fuzzy domains and blurred boundaries. This entails encouraging a new scientific culture where members of our community attain to an intellectual agility unconstrained by the limitations of disciplinary conventions from the past. Faculty and Students will be given generous material support in the pursuit to realize this objective. Time and conversational space will be devoted to nascent propositions and hypothesis and the significantly small student-faculty ratio, an eventual full strength of 2000 students and 300 faculty, manifests the Institutes investment and hope in the future.

About MSI

Magnetics Society of India is a registered professional body that came into existence in 1973 with its office located in DMRL Hyderabad. The main objective of MSI, among several others, is to bring together all those who work in the field of magnetics, to a common forum for dissemination of technical information, sharing of technical facilities, assessing the technical needs of industries and promoting a strong interaction among academicians, technocrats and entrepreneurs. Currently, the society derives its strength from nearly 60 Patron members (from companies) and about 550 Life members.