Photo Contact Details Responsibilities
Upakarasamy Lourderaj
Phone (O):+91-674-249-4103/55
Ext: 2103/2155
Room:403 (SCS Building)
CC Administration and Policies
Saikat Hira
Scientific Officer - E
Phone (O):+91-674-2494100
Ext: 2100
LDAP/Radius Authentication Servers, DNS, VPN, SSH,Proxy, Gateway UTM, Computer Lab Management, Network Management, Log Backup and Recovery, Linux Support. File Server and Storage, Anti-virus Server, Supervision of general functioning of Computer Centre, 
A. Ananda Raman
Scientific Officer - D [HPC]
Phone (O):+91-674-2494274
Ext: 2274
Maintaining large scale computing cluster and storage management, Installation and administration of Linux OS, Parallel file system, Installation, trouble shooting and optimization of  software  and  libraries  for  scientific computation,  Configuration  of  job  scheduling software and Configuration and optimization of network (GE and IB) for computing clusters.
Dipak Kumar Rout
System Administrator [SA-E]
Phone (O):+91-674-2494101
Ext: 2101
Office Automation, Gateway UTM, Stock Entry of Student Contingency, Mailing List, Anti-virus Server.
Deepankar Dash
System Manager [SA-C]
Phone (O):0674-2494102
Ext: 2102
Web Server and Related Database Server Administration, Web Development, Graphics Support, User Login & Email Id Creation and Management, Comprehensive Technical Support to NEST, Networking, Linux Support, Hardware Diagnosis & Management.
Alok Sahoo
Scientific Assistant - B
Phone (O):+91-674-2494368
Ext: 2368
Office Automation, Lab Maintenance
Bidyut Siba Sankar Mohanty
Scientific Assistant - B
Phone (O):+91 674-2494367
Ext: 2367
New Network Installation, Passive Network Maintenance,etc.,Computer Center Store Management,Lab Maintenance, Monitoring of UPS Systems  
Tapan Kumar Panigrahi
Technician - C
Phone (O):
Desktop and Server support, Hardware and Networking support, CCTV Surveillance.  

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